Natterjack Irish Whiskey

The story of an adventurous toad and the people who followed it.

Aidan Mehigan came to us having left his reliable job in London to pursue his dream of making whiskey. Natterjack is the result. It’s an Irish whiskey with an American accent, combining both American and Irish whiskey making traditions. We have been lucky enough to join Aidan and the Natterjack team on their adventure, to help them tell their story as they grow and evolve.

While all around it are hopping, it walks.

The natterjack toad

The Natterjack is the only toad native to Ireland. It has a unique walking gait, it chooses its own course. It is a remarkable animal full of character, what better embodiment of the brand.

Packaging design

Aidan engaged Illustrator Kelvin Mann to produce an illustration of the toad. The toad is the hero of the Natterjack brand. We have featured it sitting proud at scale on the front of pack, rendered in a triple level emboss showing off its texture. We also created a special cask strength edition with the toad rendered out of metal.

The travelling toad, crafting the story for a new pond.

Having established the brand in Ireland, the team had dreams of breaking America. They came to us in search of tools to help introduce the brand to a new market. We worked on refreshing the brand language and building on the Natterjack story. One of the Natterjack’s distinguishing features is a yellow stripe that runs down its back, we introduced a bright yellow stripe referencing this and adding fresh energy to the brand. We created a revamped website, including a video bringing the toad to life.

What we did

  • Brand Identity
  • Storytelling
  • Packaging Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Website
Aidan Mehigan
The Client

“Good design without the b*llox”


ICAD 2017

Bronze Bell

Identity & Branding

ICAD 2022

2017 Selection


Kelvin Mann

Web Development

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