Around Noon The View

News, trends and opinions on the food-to-go industry.

The View is a seasonal promotional publication produced by Around Noon, one of the UK and Ireland’s leading food-to-go manufacturers. The publication, printed in newspaper format, is sent out to their customer base and features insights and opinion pieces about what’s happening in the industry and beyond.

BRINGING facts to life

We design the publication using illustrations and infographics to bring the content to life and make it a fun and engaging read for anyone whose desk it may land on.

The Autumn/Winter 2021 issue explores the foodie scene both in Ireland and across the pond in London, from interviews with some of Ireland’s top food producers to a feature on Around Noon’s trip to one of the UK’s biggest food-to-go shows.

What we did

  • Publication Design
  • Infographics
  • Illustration


IDI 2022


Data Visualisation

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2022 Selection

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